One Trick Pony

by Razorrawks

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- Brace yourself and prepare for action in fact if that motivates this whole faction then hit the floor with the pump action hips and more lips than Jagger on the satisfaction tour
Paw to claw I better pull back some more this show stopper starts when he disregards the parts of the cliche art we've all heard a thousand times before so many one thoughts galore
Whoever owns up to supporting a homegrown lonely phoney one trick pony phone me

- It's a clique I'm too far removed I need back in the box
Your linking arms to try to stop me what d'ya want - what accent do you want me to adopt - here auto tune my vox ( fuck off )
My biggest critics are British and fuckin skittish and they all reside within ten miles of where in living and most of em used to rap so either put up or shut the fuck up.

I've got the verbal hiccups to kick up a fuss and flick up the dust into eyes of guys who turning to rust so trust me when I say that fuckin brains are a must and use your loaf you dopey cunt your crust is starting to bust
A curious case of a disgraced man with a furious face in a dubious place I may as well be head to toe dressed in the boobiest lace so sue me if you can't consume me do me man the way you knew me
A cantankerous wanker with a blank stare and a canvas who could never handle truth when it was angled at him
a new fan dangled way of talking ain't working so I'm twerking while I'm walking out the door I fuckin broke in
--- You give me the call sign quitter and my porch light flickered when I broke my shitter I thought you said excellent - you said excrement. All over twitter.

Loose lips sink ships x3

We all know loose lips sink ships get blown to bits but I'm using collegian to help me swim cos I'm prone to fits apocalyptic calls all bored to shit
I'm sick of staring into precipices like a maschocistic anorexic with a ration ticket
A fashionistas last catwalk down the Gaza Strip who's suave and debonair strutting down the bazar profound and bound to go far
So I'll be effervescent like a decorated pleasant peasant
Im looking cool in thick heels and a kangol I hit a milestone (congratulations) but its a mile from home an I've sprained my god damn ankle


released May 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Razorrawks Preston, UK

Northwest rapper, truth sayer and believer in all things lyrical. The new album 'Rip Eat Prescription' is out on 08/01/16

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